Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Still Spring Here!!!

Okay, I have been extremely lax about writing in this blog...sigh. What can I say...well I have been writing and also taking another online course...how I love learning :>). I'm taking another of Laura Salas' poetry courses, this on on rhyming poetry for children. We haven't got to the metering part yet, and boy I can hardly wait because that is so my weakness and I do need to get it!

I have also sent out numerous intro packages to educational publishers and have heard from a number of them...no jobs yet, though! But they are keeping my information on file and will contact when they have something that matches my knowledge and abilities. Yeh! I see that as positive for now.

I have revised a number of my poems and submitted them to magazines. I have also submitted a non-fiction picture book...still waiting...suppose I will be for some time :>)

So you see I have been busy building my writing career...time to go and build some more. I do hope to get back to the weekly writing in this blog.

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