Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yesterday~Summer. Today~Spring

So, since I have decided to reduce my blogging time I have definately focused more on actual writing. Although, this week my time was somewhat limited as my husband had a major setback and I spent a lot of time in the hospital with him, when I wasn't being mom to the boys...sigh. So I got no writing (other than personal journaling) done, but here's what I did the rest of the week, not including today.

On Wednesday, I spent an hour finishing up my last assignment for Anastasia Suen's nonfiction course. I have learned a lot in her course and will definitely consider taking another of her courses. I also spent almost three hours preparing introductory packages for educational publishers.

On Thursday, I only managed to get an hour and a half in...thirty minutes was spent researching for nonfiction publishers for a nonfiction trade book, and the other hour was again preparing and mailing a couple of introductory packages to educational publishers.

Friday was pretty much the same as Thursday...90 minutes split between introductory packages and trade publishers research.

Saturday I got up early and managed to get 3 hours in before taking kids to soccer and picking up my husband for the day. I now have 10 introductory packages in the mail, and I spent two hours on my poetry chapbook, which has been a long time in the writing.

So all in all, I am pleased with the my writing pursuit this week and I feel like I accomplished a lot toward my writing goals.

Hopefully, next week will bring the same sense of accomplishment :>)

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