Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Spring-Like Day--Yeh!

Okay, I haven't written in my blog since Sunday...but I have been writing, and that's what this blog is intended for. To keep me writing, and it's far.

Over the past few days I have submitted my assignment to Anastasia Suen for my non-fiction course. I have posted my cover letter for Laura Salas' non-fiction course. I have further edited two of the articles I am sending as clips. I have read 5 non-fiction books. And I have worked a bit more on my article for Once Upon a Time...a bit being the operative word!

So you see I have done quite a bit given I have a life in between all that. I am proud...Yeh!!!!

My goal for tomorrow:

1. Post an article for critiqueing in Laura's class.
2. Write in my poetry blog...I'm lacking there...
3. Get something ready for my next assignment with Anastasia.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A sunny, snowy day!

This weekend I have worked on my cover letter, which is now done!!! I have also written a couple of poems as a submission to Once Upon A Time magazine. And I started an article for submission too.

And yes I continued to edit my clip which I am to post for homework this all in all considering I've had a very busy weekend, I have managed to get some writing in...Yeh!!!

Oh yes, and I wrote in my poetry blog for Weekend Wordsmith...

My goals for tomorrow are to post my homework, and finish working on my article...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Okay, so two out of three ain't bad given the busyness of my day.

I did get my cover letter down to one page. Editing it was like editing one of my stories when I have to chop some words and sentences I think are so important. But when I do chop a bit here and there and then re-read much better. Amazing how that happens...luckily it does :>)

And I did write a 15 words or less poem on my poetry blog. So tomorrow I'll have to work on editing my story...the one I did not get done today. Plus I want to work on a writing article for Once Upon a Time, a magazine for children's writers.

So I'll see what I actually get done......

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Snowy Day

Okay, so I haven't been great about posting these last few days...sometimes life just gets in the way. Actually, I have been doing a bit of writing, I just haven't time to post about it.

So over the past few days I continue to work on my cover letter and the samples I will be submitting to some education publishers. This afternoon I spent an hour editing a couple of pieces I found hidden in my computer, which I had forgotten about. It's kind of like that twenty dollar bill you find in your ski jacket from last season...

One of the pieces I've edited is a short non-fiction piece for young children about music. The second piece is what is sometimes called faction ( a combination of non-fiction and fiction) which I've written for 10-12 year old children about leeches.

I'm going to begin including my goals for the next writing day at the end of my posts. I'm hoping that this will keep more focused and on track... so for tomorrow I plan to:

1. finish editing my piece for 10-12 yr olds
2. clean up my cover letter to fit onto one page.
3. Blog on my poetry blog and here too.

I think that's all I'll have time for...busy day ahead.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Rainy Day!

Yesterday, I didn't get as much done as I wanted, but because I knew I would have to be accountable to myself here, I sat down and did some.

So I worked on my cover letter for my homework for Laura Salas' non-fiction course. And that took some time as I'm supposed to keep it to a page, which I thought would be easy....but it's not! So I had to decide what to edit out. I still have some editing to do...but I'll save that for the weekend.

I also gathered some information on one of the other poems I'm writing for my chapbook.

So that was about it for yesterday...better than nothing...oh yes and I participated in 15 Words or Less and wrote a short poem on my poetry blog.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another Rainy Day (in the middle of winter!!)

Yesterday, I wrote a poem titled Aphasia on my poetry blog, read over my lesson for my writing course, followed by starting work on a rough draft of a cover letter...lots of fun there

Then I decided to write one of my chapbook poems in the form of a Kyrielle, and wrote out a rough needs quite a bit more work. Needs to be more concrete...too many little words...but at least I got something down on paper...

So that was about it for my writing day...

A Rainy Day

For lack of finding a better title for each day, I decided to give a current weather forecast.

Okay, so onto my writing of yesterday...I did some research for my non-fiction writing course with Laura Salas. My homework was to to find the publishers I wanted to approach and the corresponding editors names. Not an easy task I may add...but, I was successful.

I also did some brainstorming for one of my poems for my I hope to determine the type of poem I will write, and begin with the rough not to big a writing day, but I did do some...Yeh!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My First Post (original title, eh!)

The purpose of this blog is to keep track of my daily writing schedule. I've always liked to read how other writers fill their days, so I thought sharing this would be fun for others who like to see how I'll fill my writing day.

Be forwarned, I'm not a full time writer, YET! But I wanted to get started on blogging my daily writing schedule to keep me accountable, and to make me do it, even if it's just for 15 minutes.

So, starting with yesterday, I worked on my homework assignment for Laura Salas' non-fiction writing course. I did research on educational publishers and to whom I might want to send introductory packages. I have picked three; Rosen Publishing, Heinemann Raintree, and McGraw Hill Ryerson.

My plan for today, now that the kids are home (ice day!) from school is to see if I can find editors names for these three companies and work on my chapbook.

Talk to you tomorrow!