Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Spring-Like Day--Yeh!

Okay, I haven't written in my blog since Sunday...but I have been writing, and that's what this blog is intended for. To keep me writing, and it's far.

Over the past few days I have submitted my assignment to Anastasia Suen for my non-fiction course. I have posted my cover letter for Laura Salas' non-fiction course. I have further edited two of the articles I am sending as clips. I have read 5 non-fiction books. And I have worked a bit more on my article for Once Upon a Time...a bit being the operative word!

So you see I have done quite a bit given I have a life in between all that. I am proud...Yeh!!!!

My goal for tomorrow:

1. Post an article for critiqueing in Laura's class.
2. Write in my poetry blog...I'm lacking there...
3. Get something ready for my next assignment with Anastasia.

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