Friday, March 20, 2009

Sunny and Cool Spring Day

Through Laura Salas' non-fiction course I now know about slimtimer, and I love it. I can keep track of all my writing work whether it be blogging, spending time on a course, and just plain writing. What slimtimer has done for me is keep me on track. I no longer waffle between projects or spend time being indecisive about what to work on. I just make a decision and do can you not love that :>) ?

Over the past week I have been working on my clips to send with my first intro packet to an educational publisher. Thought about and stated my goals for my jump into the educational writing world.

I have worked on the assignment for Anastasia Suen's online class. This included reading biographies and looking at how the characters were portrayed.

I tweaked Anastasia's critique of my Assignment #15 and began working on a cover letter to send the manuscript to a few trade publishers as suggested by Anastasia.

So all in all, fairly busy given that it's March break :>)

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