Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Sunny Spring Day

Whoooops...I see it's been a while, actually a long while. I have been busy writing kind of busy that is.

I have written a poem and an article almost ready for submission to Once Upon A Time magazine. Audrey the editor of the magazine needs articles to fill her awesome magazine all about children's writing, so I set to it. I wrote this short verse about helping her...

The Write Thing To Do!

I need to write
For Audrey~
She needs the help
From all her readers
To survive,
To keep her magazine
Coming to each and
Everyone of us,
Let us help, because
It’s the write thing to do!

So if you're a children's writer and happen upon this post feel free to help her out. Submission guidelines can be found at

I have also rewrote and edited my assignment submission for my course with Anastasia Suen. that took some doing as I changed the POV (point of view) and then had to make sure the assignment fit into 32 pages of a book, as it was intially written as a magazine article.

I have also been working on my homework for Laura's non-fiction course...editing my cover letter, my sample article and learning more about researching for children's non-fiction, making bibliography's using online tools.

And, I have been posting on my poetry blog on a more regular basis....(big smile)

So you see I have been doing writing in between my family moments which are many...clap, clap, clap (that's for myself...a little pat on the back)

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