Friday, March 27, 2009

Sort of Sunny...definately spring!

Since last Friday I have been deligently trying to use my slimtimer to keep track of the time spent on various projects and writing tasks. There were times when I forgot to turn it off...low and behold I had been working on a writing project for 27 hours...I only wish!! then there were the times I forgot to turn it on...oh well!!

For starters, I have spent 4.8 hours on my poetry blog, and even then I missed my favourite 15 words or less yesterday...oh well, there is always next week...

I spent just under an hour on preparing for Anastasia Suen's non-fiction assignment...somehow I don't think that included reading the five books...must have forgotten to set the timer...

For my introductory package to be sent to education publishers I spent 1.3 hours, and that included sending out two packages...W...hoooo!!!! Now I have to wait, while preparing more packages of course. And that leads into my time spent researching publishers...1.2 hours so far!

Well that's about it for this week...other than a few other little tidbits like, submitting a non-fiction trade piece, reading comments for Laura's class and other piddly things.

A bientot! See you soon (in French)...

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